So picture this... you're sitting at your computer, when suddenly you get an incoming video chat request. You accept and on to your screen shows a girl who is obviously in trouble. You and the clues she sends you are her only hope at survival.

MNiJ is an interactive, immersive theatre experience with all of the puzzle-solving thrills of an escape room, but with one catch: you’re not the one living it! This online experience takes you into someone else’s nightmare, and it’s up to your team to help Jamie unravel it.

Will you be able to help Jamie escape before it’s too late?

An interactive, online, immersive theatre experience. Communicate with Jamie and help them come out alive on the other side! Solve puzzles, work as a team, and don’t lose your heads.

Please do the following BEFORE your game:

1.) Approximately 15 minutes before your game, you will receive an email and/or a text message containing your game's Access Code.

2.) Go here. Type in your Email Address, Access Code, and a Display Name (your choice).

3.) Once in the lobby, await further instructions.

BONUS TIPS for the best possible experience

Having a strong internet connection is important for the game to function correctly. Make sure to limit the number of devices using your internet connection - this means other members of the household watching Netflix, playing online PC or console games, etc.

You should only have one browser tab (the tab with the game) open on your PC while playing. Keeping other tabs open will use PC resources and could cause the video/audio to stutter.

Using headphones will ensure that your audio is not echoing and that you can hear everything happening clearly. Wireless headphones are prone to connectivity issues, so wired headphones are recommended.
Wait, so this an escape room?
Yes, it is an escape room, but a little different than what you're used to. You'll be playing this one from home on your PC or Mac computer, and you'll be watching a live performer through video meeting software.
Do I need a laptop to play or will a phone or tablet be okay?
You will need a computer (personal or desktop) that has access to the internet to be able to play.
Can more than one person play from the same computer?
We'd prefer that you purchase a ticket for each person getting to experience it.
Will I be able to talk to the performer?
Yes, they will be able to hear you and you them. Communication is actually vital if you're going to help Jamie escape.
Do I need a webcam to play?
No, you do not need a camera to play. In the game, there is the option to be seen by the other players by using your computer camera but it is by no means necessary to complete the tasks in the game.
Will the performers be able to see my face during the game?
They do not need to see your face during the gameplay. You will briefly talk with a host at the beginning of the experience, and from that point on, you will be able to use audio to talk with your friends, as well as a built in group chat. Your video will be used to see the actor performing in the room.
Do I need a fast internet connection?
Yes. For the best experience, try to close anything else that may be using bandwidth on your network. Try to find a time to play when other people won’t also be using the internet in your home if you’re concerned about having your connection.
Are Headphones required?
They are not required but they are highly recommended! Since you will be in a group chat with other players, headphones remove the risk of having any echoes or sound variation to keep the game smooth. If you do not have headphones, simply mute yourself when not speaking to keep the airways clear for your teammates to speak.
Could I Be Playing with Strangers?
It is possible! Each game allows up to six people for each game, so if your group is less than 6, it is possible for others to join the same game's time slot.
Is this related to the online puzzles beginning with the phone number
It is related to it in that they are happening in the same universe, but it is not necessary to have played the ARG puzzle thread to succeed in this game.
I’ve Played all of the rooms at the Basement, Can I Still Play?
Absolutely! Although Edward Tandy still likes to keep folks captive, he loves to create new ways to make you think.
How Much Time Will We Have?
You will have 45 minutes to help Jamie escape.
How Much Is A Ticket?
A single ticket is $20.00
Is the actor in this experience live?
Yes! You are communicating with Jamie in real-time to help them escape.
Should I be online and ready before or at the time of my reservation?
The time slots are 1 hour each, which includes the rules and regulations with your host. Please be ready to enter your code and start to play at least 10-15 minutes before the time of your game slot.
Is it Scary?
What is scary to some may not be for someone else, so let’s break it down:
The overall intention of the experience is to feel thrilling and high stakes, however, the theme involves being captured by a serial killer and other slightly unsettling motifs. The experience itself is much more involved in communicating with the actor and solving puzzles. So please take this into consideration when deciding if MNIJ is for you!
Do all of my players have to be in the same room?
No. Teams do not have to be in the same room or even the same state. As long as everyone is on at the same time, you’re all set!